Bangladesh Electricity Bill Per Unit 2022

Bangladesh Electricity Bill Per Unit 2022

The electricity bill per unit in Bangladesh is controlled by Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission (BERC). They declared the reformed electricity bill rate on retail and wholesale levels on February 27, 2020. If necessary, the authority has reserved the right to change the value of the rate.

We see a huge difference between residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, or other electric value rates. This blog site can help consumers recognize the fact and learn more about electricity bill functions.

Electricity Bill Per Unit Bangladesh

Recently BERC reformed the electricity bills. The unit rate is increased slightly higher than before in all the sections of electricity. The whole of the electricity subsidiary companies in Bangladesh obtains the reformed value rate mandatory.

Bill has to be paid Tk 5.72 per unit for consumers of 76-200 units, Tk 6 per unit for 201-300 units, Tk 6.34 per unit for 301-400 units, Tk 9.94 per unit for 401-600 units, and Tk 11.46 per unit for consumers of over 600 units.

What are Peak and Off-Peak meter times?

  • Peak Time=17.00 hrs to 23.00 ( 4pm to 11pm )
  • Off-Peak Time= 23.00 hrs to 5.00 ( 11pm to 5am )

Retail Electricity Rate in Bangladesh

Per unit electricity cost in Bangladesh is here. The electricity we use in our homes, commercial areas, and industry are mainly sold to us at a retail price. There are several distributor companies available who serve electricity supply for our needs. All the retail prices of electricity are available here.

A. Low Voltage(LT): 230/400 volts

  • Electricity Supply: LT AC Single Phase 230 Volt and Three Phase 400 Volt.
  • Frequency: 50 cycle/second
  • Approved Demand: Single Phase 0-7.5 KW and Three Phase 0-50 KW

B. Medium voltage (MT): 11KV

  • Electricity Supply: Medium Voltage AC 11 KV
  • Frequency: 50 cycle/second
  • Approved Demand: 50KW to maximum 5MW

C. High Voltage(HT): 33 KV

  • Electricity Supply: High Voltage AC 33 KV
  • Frequency: 50 cycle/second
  • Approved Demand: 5MW to maximum 30MW (Must be a Double circuit for above 20MW)

D. Extra High Voltage (EHT): 132 KV and 230 KV

  • Electricity Supply: Extra High Voltage AC 132 KV and 230 KV
  • Frequency: 50 cycle/second
  • Approved Demand: EHT-1: 20MW to maximum 140 MW (Single or double circuits in technical consideration); EHT-2: Above 140 MW

Electricity Bill Calculation

We have to follow two steps to Calculate the Electricity Bill. At first, we need to determine the value of E or P and then figure out the cost. The formula is given below. Now consumers can calculate their bills on this method.

  • 1st formula ( Energy consumption) = E(kWh/day) = P(W) × t(h/day) / 1000(W/kW)
  • 2nd formula ( Electricity cost ) = E(kWh/day) × Cost<(per unit rate)
  • E = Kilowatt-hour (Unit).
  • P = Watts
  • t = Time
  • n = days

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This blog site shows that commercial or other electricity rates are far more than general electricity. The government reforms the bill rate when necessary. So, the rate is changeable. If any changes have come, I will update this on the blog site for the reader’s purposes. Never waste your energy. Thank you.

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