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Conversion of Ammeter to Voltmeter

We all are familiar with ammeter and voltmeter. We measure current by ammeter and voltage by a voltmeter. At the time of measurement, the ammeter is connected on series and the voltmeter on parallel. Today we will discuss the conversion of ammeter to voltmeter. Ammeter The internal resistance of the ammeter is little. It behaves like a short circuit… Read More »

How does Computer Memory Work?

How does Computer Memory work? This question bugs a lot of tech geeks nowadays. How about learning it in a fun manner today?  I often wonder if my memory is like a computer. But in reality, human brains and computer memory are not the same things at all. They work completely differently and for different purposes.  Where human… Read More »

Effects of Electronics in Modern Life

What are the effects of electronics in modern life? If this is the question whose answer you are looking for, you are at the right place. Effects of Electronics in Modern Life They store all the data on your computer, they store your money, complete calculations, and measure your heartbeat. It’ll be amazing for You to know how… Read More »